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December 27 2017
The heater core is made up of small piping that has numerous bends. Clogging of the piping may occur if the coolant system is not flushed or if the coolant is not changed regularly. If clogging occurs the heater core will not work properly. If coolant flow is restricted, heating capacity will be reduced or even lost altogether if the heater core... Read More
November 27 2017
Winter is around the corner and we all know what weather and a car that should have been taken care of in summer and spring but just didn’t get around to it. We have all been guilty of that one time or another so now it’s time to get into your professional auto repair shop and get that bumper to bumper inspection. You may be surprised at how much... Read More
October 27 2017
If you drive where there is slush, ice or snow, you will want to consider purchasing winter tires. Summer tires become rigid and lose their grip when temperatures get cold, and all-season tires often do not have the safety-enhancing features built into winter tires. If you drive where there is slush, ice or snow, you will want to consider... Read More
September 28 2017
It’s getting near that time of year again when we will need the car or truck heater instead of the air condition. So is yours working, was it working properly last season? If your heating system gave you any trouble last season and you didn’t tend to it now’s the time. Things don’t fix themselves, and when it gets worse it gets worse. If the... Read More
August 26 2017
There are some types of maintenance for your auto that you may not be aware of. Find out why you should take your auto to the local car repair center occasionally to keep it in good shape. If your interest in cars only extends to whether yours will get you to your destination, you may not be aware of the recommended services for your automobile.... Read More
July 27 2017
While some auto repairs become necessary over time on even the most well-maintained vehicles, other types of repairs can be prevented with a little extra care. Having annual inspections, rotating your tires, checking oil levels, and keeping fuel in your car are some ways to prevent expensive repairs. Some of the most expensive types of auto... Read More
June 28 2017
Auto Repair: Air Conditioning Problems The importance with having air condition in your vehicle is not just a luxury, it is a feature your car offers when cared for properly and maintained it adds to your overall well-being in the hot summer months. One’s overall well-being is at stake with summer driving and no air. People have reported headaches... Read More
May 20 2017
When was the last time you took your car into the auto repair shop? Do you even remember? Chances are, if you haven’t had an oil change or took your car in for servicing because your car indicated it you probably haven’t been to a mechanic shop in a while. This is particularly true if you change your oil or handle many of the minor repairs for... Read More
April 25 2017
Driving in the rain. Most people don’t realize how much wet roads affect their driving. When roads become wet, it takes longer to stop and more time to react, making it more important than normal to pay attention to your car and other drivers. For the average driver, getting to the bottom of things first—starting with the tires. Here are some tips... Read More
January 20 2017
If your car needs service, get it done now! Don’t wait, it could cost you more later and it is not a safe way to handle your car and your life. No big deal in the summer. You break down? So what? It's a nice night out. Look at all those stars! But break down when it's minus jaw-freezing outside, and that's a different story. Since bad hoses, belts... Read More



  • Great price and service on Air Conditioning service.  Dale, the owner, checked my Jeep for pressure leaks and other problems with my air conditioning and charged a very fair price.  I have known... more

    -- Leigh S.

  • Dale at Keep Kool is one of those hard to find guys who is honest and fair. He has done a great job in repairing my vehicle. He goes over and above with customer service. I am a woman in my seventies... more

    -- Ruth C.

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