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November 23 2012
Contrary to public opinion, no person is an island, at least typically. There are people we rely on to function without even realizing it, such as garbage collectors, utility workers and other skilled labor that go largely unseen by many. However, much of this skilled labor is in increasingly short supply, as a mechanic shortage, along with a... Read More
November 06 2012
A vehicle’s expenses can add up quickly, so you may find yourself asking, “Can I afford to flush this fluid or replace this part?”  The real question is can you afford not to?  If you procrastinate on performing routine maintenance, the costs can increase exponentially.  For example, failing to flush the power steering fluid will cause the lines... Read More
October 16 2012
During the winter you may have inadvertently hit a pothole or sideswiped a curb. Now may be the time to have your service shop perform and alignment check and suspension inspection. Many times our cars suspension has been compromised. This can cause symptoms such as pulling to one side, wandering, slow steering response and uneven tire wear. How... Read More
September 11 2012
The five human senses are; sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. How can you use these to keep your car running longer and your repair costs down? We'll go over the five different senses and see what your car might be trying to tell you. This is not intended to diagnose any problems, but instead help you be "aware" of what's going on when you... Read More
September 05 2012
Ok – I’ll be the first to admit it, I’m spoiled. I have never had to worry much about where and when to get my car serviced or repaired, I’ve been in this business since I was a kid with my dad. But the other day I decided to get a taste of what life might be like for my customers. I took my car to a quick lube place for an oil change. I must... Read More
August 30 2012
If your Check Engine light is illuminated, this means that the computer has found a problem and it has stored a code in it's memory. Many shops and parts stores advertise that they will check this for free. We can certainly do that too, but this is NOT an accurate diagnosis. In today's vehicles, there can be hundreds of different codes that can be... Read More
August 27 2012
Joe drops his car off and complains that it is running rough for the past 6 months, he just hasn't had the time to get it looked at. Sure enough, the vehicle is misfiring causing a rough running condition. The technician looks at the vehicle and sees that the tune up parts are extremely worn and should have been replaced a long time ago. After the... Read More
August 23 2012
Keep Kool Auto in Denver, CO says: We learn as Technician's that the first step in a successful repair is to be able to "Duplicate the Vehicle's Problem".   This is very true, as we all know how difficult those "intermittent" problems can be to properly diagnose. So, I often think to myself.... "What is a customers first step in finding a reliable... Read More
June 20 2012
From fawning over real-life subway maps redrawn in the classic NES Super Mario Bros. style to maps showing how best to survive a zombie apocalypse, those of us here at Tecca are best described as cartographiles. And we're incredibly excited here to learn that all those one-off maps we've posted were all just appetizers. Because this week, PBS is... Read More



  • Great price and service on Air Conditioning service.  Dale, the owner, checked my Jeep for pressure leaks and other problems with my air conditioning and charged a very fair price.  I have known... more

    -- Leigh S.

  • Dale at Keep Kool is one of those hard to find guys who is honest and fair. He has done a great job in repairing my vehicle. He goes over and above with customer service. I am a woman in my seventies... more

    -- Ruth C.

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