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April 06 2016
A radiator flush provides a number of benefits to your vehicle's cooling system. It is a fairly inexpensive procedure that should be performed once a year or per your owner's manual's recommendations. Price's vary from about $35.00 to over $100 so it is often worthwhile to shop around for the best deal. There is a significant difference between a... Read More
March 14 2016
If your Check Engine light comes on during a road trip this summer, avoid getting it fixed in Washington D.C. According to automotive diagnostic company CarMD's annual survey of repair costs, the nation's capital is the most expensive place for automotive work in the country, and the Northeast in general is a rather pricey region. Nationwide, the... Read More
March 02 2016
Dirty oil just doesn't do the job as well as fresh oil does. The additives in dirty oil boil out, contaminants form in the crankcase and eat metal parts, and water collects over time and forms sludge. The oil holds more and more abrasive particles of metal suspended in it, and these particles wear away the parts of the engine that the oil is... Read More
February 16 2016
Getting your vehicle maintained is important for the overall condition and efficiency of it. This will also help to keep the parts lasting as long as possible when you are driving. This can help you to save time, money, and stress in the long run. If you are unsure how often to bring your vehicle in, make sure to contact your auto mechanic shop,... Read More
February 03 2016
1. Autonomous Vehicle — Let’s just get this one out of the way. Note I didn’t say fully autonomous vehicle. Why? Because it will take more than 5 years before a car can drive anywhere, at all times, without human oversight. But by 2020 we’ll have cars capable of being fully autonomous in certain circumstances, most likely rural interstates with... Read More
January 20 2016
DETROIT — Federal regulators said on Friday that 10 automakers had agreed to install automatic braking systems, which use sensors to detect potential collisions, as standard equipment in new vehicles. But the automakers have not set a timetable for the introduction of the systems, and regulators may still seek government rules that would require... Read More
January 05 2016
Tires are arguably the most important component on your vehicle. They are, however, among the least understood features. Allow me to list and pop a few common misconceptions about tires. 1. The tire-pressure monitoring system (TPMS) in my new car makes sure my tires are adequately inflated. The truth: TPMS isn't required to issue a warning until... Read More
December 15 2015
A leaking radiator could leave you stranded; avoid being stuck on the side of the road in the dead of winter. At some point, the radiator of most cars will develop a leak – it’s one of the most common issues that a car is likely to face during its lifetime, but it’s important to diagnose it as early as possible. If you don’t, the car’s engine will... Read More
December 02 2015
The main parts of a car transmission are (starting from the engine) the clutch, gearbox, dispatch box (for 4x4 vehicles), the drive-shaft, the differential and the tires. This article will help you diagnose a failing transmission. In the tips section is an overview of symptoms that indicate a problem in these parts. Method : Manual Transmission 1-... Read More
November 17 2015
BRAKE WARNING LIGHT Most cars nowadays have a brake warning light on the dash. Its purpose is to alert you that something is wrong in the braking system somewhere. If it comes on, check your owner's manual to find out it’s meaning. The brake warning light doesn't have a standard meaning; it could be used for multiple purposes. For example, the... Read More



  • Great price and service on Air Conditioning service.  Dale, the owner, checked my Jeep for pressure leaks and other problems with my air conditioning and charged a very fair price.  I have known... more

    -- Leigh S.

  • Dale at Keep Kool is one of those hard to find guys who is honest and fair. He has done a great job in repairing my vehicle. He goes over and above with customer service. I am a woman in my seventies... more

    -- Ruth C.

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