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December 02 2015
The main parts of a car transmission are (starting from the engine) the clutch, gearbox, dispatch box (for 4x4 vehicles), the drive-shaft, the differential and the tires. This article will help you diagnose a failing transmission. In the tips section is an overview of symptoms that indicate a problem in these parts. Method : Manual Transmission 1-... Read More
November 17 2015
BRAKE WARNING LIGHT Most cars nowadays have a brake warning light on the dash. Its purpose is to alert you that something is wrong in the braking system somewhere. If it comes on, check your owner's manual to find out it’s meaning. The brake warning light doesn't have a standard meaning; it could be used for multiple purposes. For example, the... Read More
November 02 2015
KEEP KOOL CAR AND TRUCK REPAIR --------------------------------------------------- A heater core is a radiator-like device used in heating the cabin of a vehicle. Hot coolant from the vehicle's engine is passed through a winding tube of the core, a heat exchanger between coolant and cabin air. Fins attached to the core tubes serve to increase... Read More
October 20 2015
KEEP KOOL CAR AND TRUCK REPAIR --------------------------------------------------- The History of Car Heaters The Water Option While gas heaters proved popular at first, a competing design relied on redirecting coolant from the engine and using that for heat. While the first designs to do so appeared in the 1920s, it wasn't until 1930 that GM... Read More
October 07 2015
KEEP KOOL CAR AND TRUCK REPAIR --------------------------------------------------- The History of Car Heaters Modern car users take very high degrees of comfort for granted. But in their short history, automobiles have gone from rustic horse replacements to venerable rolling palaces, with a lot of hit-and-miss engineering in between. Climate... Read More
September 21 2015
KEEP KOOL CAR AND TRUCK REPAIR --------------------------------------------------- Who invented the automobile? This question does not have a straightforward answer. The history of the automobile is very rich and dates back to the 15th century when Leonardo da Vinci was creating designs and models for transport vehicles. There are many different... Read More
September 07 2015
KEEP KOOL CAR AND TRUCK REPAIR --------------------------------------------------- Turn Signals Buick introduced the first electric turn signals in 1938. Windshield Wipers Prior to the manufacture of Henry Ford's Model A, Mary Anderson was granted her first patent for a window-cleaning device in November of 1903. Power Steering Francis W. Davis... Read More
August 24 2015
KEEP KOOL CAR AND TRUCK REPAIR --------------------------------------------------- General Motors Corporation (GM), which ultimately became the world’s largest automotive firm and the largest privately owned manufacturing enterprise in the world, was founded in 1908 by William C. Durant, a carriage manufacturer of Flint, Michigan. In 1904 he... Read More
August 12 2015
KEEP KOOL CAR AND TRUCK REPAIR ------------------------------------------------------------ A company in New York City in the United States, first offered installation of air conditioning for cars in 1933. Most of their customers operated limousines and luxury cars. The Packard Motor Car Company was the first automobile manufacturer to offer an... Read More
July 29 2015
KEEP KOOL CAR AND TRUCK REPAIR ------------------------------------------------------------ The Early Roads For Our First Cars: There were about 300 miles of “surfaced” roads in America in 1909. The first rural concrete road was completed on the outskirts of Detroit in 1909. The first coast-to-coast highway in the USA, the Lincoln Memorial highway... Read More



  • Great price and service on Air Conditioning service.  Dale, the owner, checked my Jeep for pressure leaks and other problems with my air conditioning and charged a very fair price.  I have known... more

    -- Leigh S.

  • Dale at Keep Kool is one of those hard to find guys who is honest and fair. He has done a great job in repairing my vehicle. He goes over and above with customer service. I am a woman in my seventies... more

    -- Ruth C.

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