Near Summer Services

Time to make sure your vehicle is ready for the upcoming summer days. Wipers, air conditioning, tires are always a major importance and much more, however the most important thing is your car and or truck starting in the morning when you’re ready for work or getting the kids off to school. And then are your tires safe, are your brakes up to speed, do your wipers still have any rubber left on them after winter to clear the rains to see safely?

Let’s face it we are lost without our cars, not many live walking distance to work or our kid’s schools, so we must take care of these vehicles or else.

Some vehicles need some specific care from mechanics in that particular brand of car, but overall most auto repair shops will work on almost all major brands. So, when seeking out a mechanic shop do some good time research and try your best to evaluate their history and reputation. And also, it’s just some good common sense to find one near home or even near work. Now I may be telling you some things here that you already know but it’s always good to help out the newcomer to this new game of auto repair, cause we all know we have been somewhere in time and made a poor choice with one and don’t want to do that again.

Now if you’re in a situation where your car has already broken down, do you have towing insurance on your policy and if you do great, if not there are many outside companies that offer help there at some reasonable rates, and let me tell you towing gets costly. I pay on fee for the year and that fee is already absorbed with just one towing with savings included. Meaning my tow bill was more than the cost of the fee for the year!

I already mentioned tires, there are so many out there, again do your research, there’s no excuses anymore with the internet, there are so many no cost auto chat sites giving much advice and suggestions you can become so aware quickly of all sorts of vehicle info that you never knew. So, when you go into your local shop for service you will be a much wiser customer and we want that. Oh, and don’t wait till you have a flat tire to find out you need new tires, you should check or have your tires air checked once a month and check the depth of your threads on tire.

Is your check engine light on? That means your vehicle is telling you that it is having a problem internally somewhere. A check engine light needs to be taken serious due to its importance to the vehicle and its operating standards. All of today’s cars have computer and a good suggestion is get your car in for whatever you need at your wisely chosen service shop and also have them do an engine diagnostic’s test and make sure there’s nothing going on that you are not aware of yet, this is smart maintenance.

Again, if your new at this, oil changes are a must, when you get your first oil change make sure they put a sticker on the windshield with the mileage for your next change, it is so important to do these maintenance service as needed for a healthy vehicle. If by chance your car has a slight oil leak, then you must check the oil level much sooner than your next oil change to always make sure your oil level is proper for this not being at the proper level can cause much damage to your engine.

So, please keep your eye and ears open to all your cars needs and let the specialists do their special work for you, take your vehicle in for its timely service checks and you will remain a happy vehicle owner!


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